Aqua Power Sod AquaPower creates custom solutions and nano products for companies in many markets including agriculture, health and wellness supplements, and green energy. Each nano solution is designed to solve a specific problem faced by our customers.

AquaPower sells water containing nanoparticles.  Our customers decide which ingredients and how many PPM (parts per million) of the ingredients the water needs to contain. This nano water can then be used to create cosmetics, health supplements, animal feed, medicines, and other innovative products.

Examples of how AquaPower water is being used:

  • Growing larger, healthier chickens with a lower feed costs
  • Producing safe and effective nutritional supplements
  • Raising healthier pigs that can resist common diseases
  • Creating low cost hydrogen for Green Energy
  • Increasing the yield of sod farms

AquaPower provides the ingredients that help innovative companies achieve amazing results. 

Contact AquaPower today and let us help you improve your business with a custom nano solution.