The AquaPower team has created exciting solutions addressing some of the biggest issues in agriculture.

Crop Farming

A comparison of Arugula grown without then with AquaPower plant growth formula.

AquaPower has a nano sized nutrient formula designed to significantly decreased germination time while increasing growth. The result is  stronger healthier plants with less fertilizer and a lower cost to the grower.

Imagine growing more potatoes, lettuce, fruit, while dramatically reducing the chemicals being deposited in nearby rivers, streams and lakes. AquaPower has the solution.

AquaPower’s powerful plant growth formula is currently available.  Call today to order or partner with our scientists to formulate a custom solution for your crops.


A leading poultry grower contacted AquaPower looking for a solution to the rising cost of feed and supplements. Our custom solution, fed to the animals through the existing hydration systems of the facility, decreased feed and supplement expenses while increasing growth and animal health.

If you’re looking for a way to grow stronger, healthier animals call AquaPower and learn more about our unique solutions.


A leading shrimp farmer partnered with AquaPower to develop a nano formula that would decrease the mortality rate for their commercial shrimp farms. The AquaPower solution yielded larger shrimp and a higher yield.

AquaPower’s nano nutrient water capabilities provide plants and animals with the nutrients they need in a manner that is absorbed rapidy.  Our technology produces measurable results in both the quality of your product and lowers your total cost.

Call AquaPower today and let’s work together on a nano solution that will set you apart from the competition.