AquaPower creates Green Energy Solutions.

Bunker Oil

The large blue tank you see in the photograph is a diesel engine burning Bunker 6 or heavy oil, a method used around the world to generate the electricity we all depend on. This is not clean energy. AquaPower partnered with a power plant in North America to augment their system using nano technology.  The result was a dramatic reduction in fuel consumption.  The owners were thrilled.  Even more impressive was the fact that harmful emissions were reduced by 25%!  Now that’s Green Energy.

AquaPower’s technology can be applied to virtually any coal, natural gas, or heavy oil power generation plant.  Typical installations take less than 1 month and have a payback of under 1 year. This is achieved through extremely low system conversion costs which enable the use of our nano technology. Want to get serious about Green Energy without throwing out the existing infrastructure?  AquaPower has the solution.