Welcome to AquaPower.

AquaPower is a nano solutions company dedicated to use our unique nano water technology to improve the quality of life for humanity and to protect our global environment.

What is Nano Technology?

Nano Technology is a general-purpose technology (GPT) that enables common substances to exist in their smallest molecular form.  In nano form substances take on unique traits and qualities and can be used in new and powerful ways. Nano technology will lead to a major worldwide economic revolution just as the invention of the steam engine, electricity, railroads, personal computers, and the airplane (GPTs which preceded it) transformed the world. Many experts believe that nanotechnology may have a greater impact than any of the GPTs, which preceded it. This dynamic new field of engineering and science, for example, is projected to produce $2.6 trillion in manufactured goods globally by 2014[1]. AquaPower is dedicated to providing safe effective applications of nano technology in energy, science, nutrition, and agriculture.

What do we do?

AquaPower is a Utah-based research and development company, serving the natural product, animal feed, agricultural, botanical, and energy industries. We develop new nanoscale nutritional products to clients specifications and convert existing products to nanoscale.

Our proprietary technology is water-based and falls under the general classification of nanotechnology. Our close affiliation with other companies specializing in the production of nanoscale solid particles allows us to meet the needs of most customers in the areas of food processing, food supplements, animal feed, agriculture, botanicals, or energy.

1: FDA Nanotechnology Task Force